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At Transformational Therapy Services, we strive to empower members of our community to be the healthiest versions of themselves. We utilize the latest research and best practices to guide our collaboration. 

We provide the opportunity for holistic healing for those who have experienced addiction, mental health disparities, and other difficult life experiences via telehealth and in person in Rockford, Minnesota.

High-Quality Telehealth and In-Person Mental Health Services in Minnesota

Addiction Services

Transformational Therapy Services offers individualized addiction care via telehealth or in person in Minnesota. Addiction is not about the substance use, it is about unmet needs and unhealed pain. We take a multi-dimensional approach to healing: relational, trauma, mental health, and building skills to manage stress and emotions. There are multiple pathways to recovery, let us help you find yours!

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Assessments help to clarify what is happening for someone and are a first step in getting connected to the care you need and deserve. Transformational Therapy Services offers addiction, mental health, ADHD/Autism assessments via telehealth or in person in Minnesota for teens and adults.

Grief Counseling

Grief and loss are experiences that everyone will go through at some point. However, many of us are not prepared for the physical and emotional toll that accompanies grief. We offer individual and group therapy to help as you navigate through your experience.

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We can help you on your journey if it is therapy for you, your relationships, or letters of support for gender affirming care. If you are questioning your gender or your sexual orientation, if you need support in coming out, or, if you just want a therapist who is also part of the community who can support you through the ups and downs of life and your relationships. We are here to support you.

We offer counseling sessions via telehealth and in person in Rockford, MN. We are here to meet you where you are. If you are curious about how online therapy could benefit you, get in touch. We are licensed to practice therapy in the state of Minnesota and therefore can only offer online therapy for clients who reside in the state.

“Working with this team, I felt heard and understood for the first time. They listened to my needs and helped me achieve my goals.”

— Testimony from a participant

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