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“I can’t be there for other people unless I’m there for myself. I can’t really work to push our movement without really investing in myself. By investing in yourself you’re also investing in your community.”

Dior Vargas, queer Latina mental health advocate and activist

If you are questioning your sexual orientation, your gender, or perhaps you just want affirming mental health support by someone who is also a part of the LGBTQIA+ community – we are here to help!

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The “Coming-To” Process

Perhaps you are questioning your sexual orientation, or, you know who you are, but haven’t shared it with others yet. We are here to offer support in an affirming environment with therapists who are also part of the community.

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Individual, Family, or Couple’s Counseling

Wanting support from a member of the community to help you navigate the ups and downs of life and relationships? We can help!

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Supporting Those in Transition

Are you needing or wanting support as you make the decision, or go through the process of transitioning? We are here to support and walk alongside you each step of the way…

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Support Groups

The value of community in LGBTQ lives cannot be overstated. Join us for group care to work with members of the queer community to heal together.

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Letter Writing

Individuals seeking gender-affirming medical interventions may be asked to obtain letters of support from mental health professionals. We can help. We pledge to support the trans, nonbinary, and intersex community and to reduce barriers wherever possible.

“Dr. Tam helped me to feel seen, heard, and supported. She helped me to accept who I am and to love myself. I am so much stronger and happier as a result of the work that we have done.”

Former Client

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Let’s make something beautiful together.

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